The Wright Fit creates pathways to enjoying an extraordinary quality of life.

We’re the premiere lifestyle brand specializing in health & fitness center design and management, providing bespoke personal services that encompass all facets of wellness.

Our mission is to help clients achieve their best body and well-being both now and into the long term. Our approach is holistic. Our expertise is unparalleled.


    Center Point Strategy is THE WRIGHT FIT’s programmatic philosophy. It guides us in our facility designs, management principles and personal services.

    The name stems from our belief that taking care of yourself physically provides the center point, or fulcrum, for achieving holistic balance, functional longevity and an extraordinary quality of life.

    Grounded in science, decades of research and experience, the cornerstones of Center Point Strategy are:

    Strength + Conditioning
    Recovery + Regeneration

    Additional focal points of CPS are:

    Achievement of Potential
    Optimal Performance
    Enhanced Health + Vitality
    Increased Positive Energy
    Stress Management + Relief
    Diagnostic Testing


    Because every facet of The Wright Fit’s operations is built upon inter-personal relationships, we put a premium on fostering emotional intelligence among our staff. That is why we employ the Center Point Leadership program, or CPL, as the signature model for developing emotional intelligence within our leadership, facility management, employee recruitment and client relations training.

    CPL was developed by TWF Founder & CEO Jay Wright and psychologist Dianna Wright Ph.D., a highly regarded expert on emotional intelligence and author of The CORE Journey. It is based on the latest science in psychology and the work of leaders such as Chade-Meng Tan, the head of Personal Growth for Google EDU, who co-created that company’s emotional intelligence program, and renowned psychologist Daniel Golman, author of the New York Times best seller Emotional Intelligence.

    Some of the key elements of CPL are building leadership qualities, developing deeper self-awareness, and working collaboratively.

Our vision is that all people throughout the world achieve an extraordinary quality of life through fitness, health and wellness.


Our purpose is to elevate the concept, perception and experience of fitness, health and wellness through design, education and service.


  • Positivity

    • Engages every situation and person with good intentions.
    • Is receptive, and appreciative of new and diverse ideas.
    • Listens, learns and cooperates across the organization.
    • Demonstrates trust by extending genuine and transparent actions and communication.
    • Generates an environment that is optimistic and enjoyable where relationships flourish.
  • Vitality

    • Demonstrates a way of being that is strong and active.
    • Displays a life-giving energy with an elevated spirit for life.
    • Expresses a zest for their profession.
    • Embraces a passion for personal growth and development.
  • Accountability

    • Takes ownership and responsibility for actions, risks, and results and uses outcomes as learning opportunities.
    • Makes optimal decisions from sound judgment, wisdom and collaboration.
    • Creates solutions that contribute to our purpose and vision.
  • Empathy

    • Treats every person with respect and kindness.
    • Is present and actively listens to understand others.
    • Appreciates and values everyone’s unique skills, talents and contributions.
  • Balance

    • Embraces wholeness, connectedness and oneness as an individual and the team.
    • Creates and pursues growth opportunities for self, team and clients.
    • Displays discipline to renew their energy in all four domains: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Discipline

    • Creates and sustains Daily Positive Rituals
    • Makes proactive choices to achieve our vision and purpose
    • Employs self-direction and mastery throughout the day